因为疫情影响,密歇根大学安娜堡分校网上复课至暑假,下面托普仕Alice老师为大家详细介绍:University of Michigan health professionals have been closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 over the past two months.


  Our goals are to deliver on our mission while protecting health and safety by minimizing the potential spread of the disease, both within our community and in the broader society. The changes we are announcing today follow the general public health principle of limiting the interaction of people within larger groups to diminish disease transmission and protect everyone in our communities, particularly the most vulnerable.


  Today, we are announcing new universitywide measures based on public health principles and the latest information and assessments for our community.

  We will also continue to post all updates to our COVID-19 information page, as we monitor this rapidly changing situation in real time.



  Most university operations will remain unchanged, with four exceptions that take effect Thursday, March 12, for all three of our campuses:


  · We are canceling all classes tomorrow and Friday. Classes will resume Monday (March 16) delivered remotely in alternative formats – and not meeting in person – through April 21, the last day of classes this semester.


  Faculty and instructors should let students know how this transition will be handled for each of their classes. The two days of cancellations give faculty time to transition to alternative formats. The provost’s offices on each of our campuses have been making arrangements in our schools and colleges to facilitate these transitions.


  · We are canceling all U-M events and events organized by others on our campuses that would convene 100 people or more from Thursday, March 12 until at least April 21.


  This cancellation includes Honors Convocation on March 15. Organizers of other large events may seek to conduct their event virtually. We ask organizers to inform their audiences and participants of changes as soon as possible. The university will endeavor to reschedule any affected third-party events as practical. Individual units may change smaller events at their discretion, and all may consider virtual options.


  Michigan Athletics is working to limit spectators at its on-campus competitions to parents and media to avoid high-density audiences. We encourage students to limit large social gatherings.


  We are continuing to monitor the impact of the virus and will provide updates on major end-of-semester events, including commencements, when more information is available.


  · We are suspending all U-M international travel until at least April 21, with rare exceptions requiring approval. Domestic travel for university business is strongly discouraged.


  Rare exceptions for international travel deemed essential may be granted if approved by a designated administrator. We encourage domestic travelers to seek virtual methods of convening for university business. The university also discourages personal domestic and international travel.


  · All U-M education abroad programs will be altered or suspended.


  COVID-19 is becoming frequent in many places, and we want to be sure our students can get medical care that meets their needs, as more countries’ health care systems are facing greater pressure. Students in each education abroad program will have unique needs and considerations as we make plans to bring them home. We are working through those, including safety, location, ability to travel, and disruption to academic progress. We will work with the students to assist them with arrangements and academic accommodations, including credit for their coursework.


  We are also canceling U-M education abroad programs scheduled for the spring semester, and will decide about programs that start July 1 or thereafter in the coming weeks when we have better information. This follows previous cancellation of all university-related travel to and education abroad programs in countries with a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Level 3 Travel Warning. Level 3 countries currently include: China, South Korea, Iran and Italy. We continue to closely monitor conditions overseas.


  The actions we are taking follow recommendations from health and safety professionals working on all three of our campuses and at Michigan Medicine. Their work has been ongoing for several weeks in close coordination with public health officials at the federal, state and local levels, along with other universities.


  Last night, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced that there are two presumptive positive cases of COVID-19 in the state of Michigan, one of whom is being treated at Michigan Medicine. We fully agree with her in urging everyone to follow public health guidelines listed below for preventing the spread of viruses.

  昨晚,密歇根州州长格雷琴·惠特默(Gretchen Whitmer)宣布,该州有两例疑似COVID-19阳性病例,其中一人正在密歇根州医学中心接受治疗。我们完全同意她敦促每个人遵守下面列出的预防病毒传播的公共卫生准则。

  Additionally, our COVID-19 information page has specific guidance developed by our health professionals for individuals who have traveled to areas affected by the virus. That information is available here.


  We ask managers and supervisors to continue to encourage employees who are sick to stay home from work. Additional precautions are in place in Michigan Medicine to protect employees from risks associated with caring for patients. All U-M employees who may be at greater risk should contact human resources in their school, college or unit or Staff Human Resources Services.